Emailing a Dashboard

Dashboards can be emailed to any one in your account that has access to the dashboard. Emails can be immediate or on schedule. This allows for easy sharing of results and analysis.

Click on the “Email” tab under the Settings of your dashboard:

Using the Email table, first select when the email should be sent. The options are Immediately, Daily, Weekdays, Weekly and Monthly. If you select Weekly, you also are prompted to select which day of the week. If you select Monthly, you also are prompted to select which day of the month.

Next, select to whom the e-mail should be sent. The system will limit your options to users that have access to the dashboard. If you want to send an e-mail to someone that you don’t see in the list, ensure that person has access to the dashboard first.

Once you have selected the frequency and the recipients, click “Save” and the dashboard will be emailed as scheduled.

Dashboard emails are rendered with the access rights of the recipient. Therefore, different recipients may see the dashboard emails (and the dashboards themselves) differently, depending on which dashlets they have access to.

Dashboards emails are always sent in the morning, on or around 7 AM EST.

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