The InsightStoreâ„¢ allows you to easily export data from the system. Export is available in the following pages: Segment, Scorecard, and Question Results. In Question Results, the Export will also use the context of the sub-tab (i.e., Profile, Compare, Segment, etc.) that is selected.

There are two file formats available when exporting: comma separated values or Microsoft Excel.

All you have to do is click on the export tab which is located in the top right of the pages in which export is available. This tab allows for exporting the question results. Clicking on the tab will expand the Export pane down, pushing the page further down. The export pane can be closed by clicking on the big "X" on the top right of the pane, which is normally done after the export is performed.

On the exporting pane, you can select what you want to be exported (i.e., excel or csv). Clicking on the corresponding button will cause the file to be created and be automatically downloaded by your browser.

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