What is a Question?

CivicScience uses Questions to gather information from voluntary respondents. Questions are asked through a network of websites (each a "Publisher") and on CivicScience's own User Site. Voluntary and anonymous responses are continuously collected and stored in CivicScience's Cascabel™ system. The responses are available for aggregate reporting and analysis through CivicScience's InsightStore™ platform. Questions are the fundamental unit of research in the CivicScience environment.

On Publisher websites, questions are asked through Polling Widgets that are placed on those websites. The questions that go on each widget are configurable, and normally are presented in groups of three to website visitors, who are called Respondents. Questions are asked in sequence, and once all of them are answered, the results are presented to respondents, so they can see what others think about the same questions. The first question is normally an Engagement question. Engagement questions are normally about an engaging or polemic current fact, and are designed to grab the attention of the respondent. The second question is normally a Value question. Value questions are questions about consumer brands, celebrities and other people. The third question is normally a Profile question. Profile questions help classify respondents in terms of gender, age, and other factors like that.

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