Answer Groups

Answer groups provide you with an alternative view of question results. Combining answer options allows to apply unique labels that mirror your research objectives.

For example, consider the question, “How much do you like to eat at Chipotle?.” This question has five default answer options:

If your research objective is to track brand awareness, you may consider combining the first four answer options into one.

Building a Grouping

New answer groupings can be initiated from two locations.

First, for any question, you can navigate to Settings > Answer Groupings, and from there click the “Add Answer Grouping” button to start building a new grouping.

An even easier way to build an answer grouping is to select the “create a new grouping” option conveniently placed in the Display Options menu in the header of every question.


The first thing a new grouping needs is a name. This is the name that will appear in the “Display Options” menu, and will be seen by all other members of your account. We suggest that you make this name a concise description of your research goals for this grouping.

Example: Brand Favorability


Now is time to build a label. Each label must include at least one answer option, and each answer option can only be used once per grouping.

To build your first label, use the “Add Label” form on the page.

You will need to name your label, this time selecting a name that represents the collection of answer options that will be included.

Example: For Brand Favorability, it would make sense to combine the answer options “I like it” and “I love it” together in a label named “Favorable'

Click the “Add” button once you are done adding answer options.


Once you have added all of your desired labels to the Answer Grouping, click the save button.

To preview your newly created grouping, select the grouping name from the “Display Options” menu in the question header.

Deleting a Grouping

Do you have a grouping that is no longer useful? Removing it is simple. Navigate to Settings > Answer Groupings, and from there click on the “select” link for the answer grouping that you wish to remove.

Now, scroll tot he bottom of the page and click the link that says “Click here to delete this answer grouping.”

Do you still need help?

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