Filtering and Weighting Question Results

The Question page has a Filter or Weight this data tab on the top right. This tab allows for both Filtering and Weighting your data. Clicking on the tab will expand the Filter and Weight pane down, pushing the question results further down. The Filter and Weight pane can be closed by clicking on the big "X" on the top right of the pane, or by clicking on the "Submit" button. The "Reset Filters and Weighting button" unselects all filters and brings the weighting back to its default.

Publisher accounts can select which network question results should come from. By default, only question results that were collected in that publisher account (“My account”) are shown. Publishers can select to see all results collected in the “CivicScience network” or any other network that they belong to. Data Customers always have access to all results.

Filtering your data allows you to limit what you are seeing by only showing responses from a specific segment or responses collected from a specific date range (to learn more about relative date filtering, click here. This allows you to focus on the responses that fit your research needs. You can filter by segment, or by date. If your account is a publisher account, you can also filter by target. Filters are cumulative, which means that when multiple filters are selected, only responses that match all selected criteria will be included.

Weighting your data adjusts the results so that the underlying demographic composition of the respondents reflects that of a predefined weighting scheme.

Weighting schemes are pre-defined to include US Census and US Adults. In case you want to add another weighting scheme to your account, please contact CivicScience.

The default weighting scheme for Publisher accounts is Unweighted. The default weighting scheme for Data Customers is US Census.

Weighting is a complicated operation. Depending on the amount of data collected and on the profile of the respondents, there may not be enough adequate responses in the system to apply a given weighting scheme. The system tries to be proactive and indicate those situations, by displaying a message indicating that the weighting scheme cannot be applied next to the weighting scheme. The calculation of what weighting scheme can be applied is also a complicated operation that also depends on what filters are applied, and this calculation is made in the background. Sometimes the system may not display the message indicating that a given weighting scheme cannot be applied, and after it is applied, the messages will then be showed.

Once the filter and weighting selections have been made, clicking on the submit button will cause the server to apply those constraints, and the results will be reflected in all of the questions page. A message will be displayed on the top of the page indicating which filters and which weighting scheme is applied. The response counts, error margins and bar chart will all be updated, and any information in the sub-tabs will also reflect the filter and weighting scheme selected.

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