When you are doing research, you often find yourself configuring many of the same view options from question to question. Resetting that each time can be a time consuming and redundant process. To help alleviate the repetition, we are happy to introduce “locking”.

Locking Filter & Weights

When looking at question results, select the “Filter or Weight this Data” tab in the top right of the page. Configure the filter and weighting options, and then using the drop down menu in the bottom right of the Filter & Weighting section, select a locking option.

Locking Subsections

In addition to the filters and weighting options, users can also lock their page configurations on the Segments and Compare tabs (and Targets & Networks tabs for CivicScience Publishers).

Locking a subsection allows you to configure the page in any way you like, and then have those configurations remember for the future.

Like the locking options on Filters & Weights, locking a subsection includes the options for remembering at a question level, and across all questions.

Do you still need help?

We are always available to answer your questions. For the speediest service, please email support@civicscience.com.