Question List

The Question page shows all information about a specific question. It has three basic modes, Overview, Results and Settings, and each of these modes have many options.

The Overview mode creates a temporary dashboard that contains most of the information about the question in one single page. As such, it reduces the amount of clicks that users have to perform to find information about a given question. The overview dashboard contains dashlets for results, time view, compare suggestions, insights, and multiple compare dashlets – one for each profile question, and one for each saved segment. The overview temporary dashboard can be cloned, which will create a persistent dashboard to be used in case users so desire.

On the top, when in Results or Settings mode, it shows the basic question results at a glance. With this, even when in Settings mode, the user can have a quick view of the question status. The question results contain the question text and each of the question responses together with the response counts and a chart showing the share of each response. The chart type can be selected through the icons on the top right. The default selection is horizontal bar charts. Other options are vertical bar chart, stacked bar chart, and donut chart. It also contains the following information about the question: margin of error, response count and period in which responses have been collected. On the top right there are links to Export the quick results, or to Filter or Weight the question responses.

After the basic question results there are tabs to select among the basic modes, Overview, Results and Settings. Following those, there are sub-tabs which are dependent on the selected mode.

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