Searching for a Question

The Questions page allows for searching for keywords in questions. To search, simply enter one or more search terms in the search box and press "Go". The system will search for questions that contain any of the search terms and display them in the question list. Search terms may be in the question text or in the text of any of the question responses.

Once a search is performed, the question list will automatically change to be ordered by relevance. Questions that contain the search term in the question text are more relevant than questions that contain the search term in one of the question responses. When more than one search term is used, questions that contain a higher number of the search terms are more relevant than others.

The InsightStoreâ„¢ remembers users search terms. When a user navigates away from the Questions page and later comes back, the same search results will still apply. To see the full list of questions again, users should clear the search results.

To clear the search results, the user should clear the search box and press "Go".

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