MultiScores enhance the power of Question Scores, providing you with an alternative view of results from a combination of questions. Similar to question scores, MultiScores provide the ability to define one metric that represents a concept in single resulting number, making it therefore easier to digest and to compare to other scores. But, different to question scores, MultiScores allow you to define this concept based on responses from as many questions as you want, and also from other existing scores or MultiScores.

MultiScores are defined by Component Scores and a mathematical formula that combine them into a single number. The Component Scores represent other scores defined in the InsightStore™, and the formula uses the component scores and combines them using all the power of the advanced formulas.


For example, consider that you want to know if Ford is more favorable than Toyota. The InsightStore™ already contain these scores:

Building a MultiScore

New MultiScores are created from the Reports page. Navigate to that page, select the “New Report” button, and then select the “MultiScore” report type. Once you’ve done that, the InsightStore™ will present a page where you have to define the MultiScore components, as follows:


The first thing a new score need is a name. This is the name that will appear in other pages in the InsightStore™, and will be seen by all other members of your account. We suggest that you make this name a concise description of your research goals for this score.

Example: FordOverToyota

Component Scores

Now is time to define the component scores. Clicking on the “+AddScore” button will present a search control with all the scores available in the InsightStore™ (including other MultiScores already defined), exactly the same available for the Scorecards. Once you have selected a score, you can add it to this MultiScore, and it will be available to be used in the formula.

Formula Definition

Now is time to define the formula. It does require some knowledge of math to understand how it works. You will have to enter a formula in the formula editing field, and the result of the formula will be the value of the MultiScore. There are dropdowns to help you enter your variables and functions, but you can also enter the formula directly in the formula editing field.

The Variables dropdown will contain the Component Scores that you have included in this MultiScore. Once you make a selection in the Variables dropdown, the corresponding variable is inserted in the formula editing field at the cursor position.

The Functions dropdown contains the operations that can be used. Once a formula is entered, you can use the Validate button to check if the formula is syntactically correct. Clicking on the button will analyze the formula and inform of eventual syntax errors. Please see Advanced Formulas for more on Formulas.

You then have the option to click on the “Save” button to persist the MultiScore. Once a MultiScore is saved, it can be shared with other users in your account just like other objects like Segments, Scorecards, etc.

Example Configuration

Here’s how the FordOverToyota MultiScore look once fully defined:

Modifying or deleting a MultiScore

MultiScores can be modified or deleted, by those that have edit rights on it. To do so, just navigate to the MultiScore page, select settings, and make the appropriate changes.

Do you still need help?

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