Finding a Segment

Segments are groupings of respondents based on a set of defined constraints. (For example: Millennials may be the name of a segment defined by age groupings.) All of the segments to which you have access will appear in your Segment List. These include segments that you have created, as well as any segments that have been shared with you by other members of your account.

Sorting Segment Lists

The segment list is automatically sorted by default to show the newest segments first, but the sort order can be altered by using the “Sort by” controls found above the list.

Searching for Segments

To find a specific segment, use the search to the right of the Segment List.

Search will look for keyword matches in the segment name, in addition to any matches found in the segment definition.

Searching for a segment will automatically switch the sort order to show the most relevant questions.

Expanding a Segment

Clicking on a segment's expand icon will show you additional information about the segment.

From this expanded view, you will be able to see the definition criteria for the segment, and the creator of the segment.

Once you have found the segment you are looking for you can click either the Settings or the Details link to continue. Clicking the Settings link will let you change the definition criteria and sharing settings. Clicking the Details link will show you the demographic breakdown of respondents matching the definition of your segment, and let you compare the segment against other segments.

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