Edit a Target

Sometimes you will want to change the way your target works, or looks. To do that, you will need to edit the settings of the target.

First, click the "Targets" link located in the main navigation in your CivicScience account. This link will take you to the Target List page, and show you any existing targets that exist for your account. Locate the target you wish to change in the target list, and click on the "Settings" link for that target.

Once in the Settings section, you can use the internal tabs to navigate among the available settings.

Editing Options

It's important at this point to note that if your target is currently integrated on a web page, any changes you make to the settings will be automatically and immediately be present on that target. If you are changing question sources or question feeds that isn't a huge deal, but if you are going to change the customization settings, we recommend moving the integration to a test page where you can experiment freely.

So what can you edit?

Basic Information

You can rename your target. The name of your target only appears in the CivicScience system, and doesn't show up anywhere in the integration. So feel free to name your target whatever you like, though we do recommend a name that represents where the target is integrated as a best practice.

Question Sources

Question sources allow you to decide who you trust to ask questions on your site. Sometimes this list is only CivicScience, but you may also see the name of your parent company, a geographical region, or other organization. Rest assured that we will always ask your questions first, but when your question well runs dry, these approved sources can help pick up the slack.

Using the checkboxes, decide to whom you wish to trust, and then hit the "Save" button.

Question Feeds

Using question feeds you can ensure that sports questions show up on your sports target, and entertainment questions show up on your arts and entertainment page. It's a good best practice to select only the feeds that you think will appeal to the audience of your page.

Once you have chosen the appropriate feeds for your target, click the "Save" button.


It's important to customize the look and feel of your widget. Our numbers show that integrated designs perform better than designs that contrast the rest of your site. While a design with a strong contrast may draw more eyeballs, it can also be mistaken for an advertisement.

From a customization standpoint, you can change the both the header and footer. Both of these fields accept HTML, and allow you to add things like a poll title. Using a custom stylesheet, you can get creative with the appearance of your poll.


If your poll is already integrated into your website, then you don't need to do anything else. The changes you have made will automatically appear on your live poll. If you haven't yet integrated the poll, use the following instructions to complete the integration:

CivicScience polls are integrated using a custom integration code that can be added to virtually any web page. To integrate a poll, you will need to have access to the source code of your page, or you will need to give the integration code to someone with access.

After the poll has been added, it's important to check your website to make sure that the poll is working as you intended. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us for assistance.

Do you still need help?

We are always available to answer your questions. For the speediest service, please email support@civicscience.com.