Searching for a Question
  • 09 Mar 2023
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Searching for a Question

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The Questions page allows searching for keywords in questions. To search, simply enter one or more search terms in the search box and press the magnifying glass at the right. 

The system will search for questions containing any search terms and display them in the question list. Search terms may be in the question text or in the text of any of the question responses.

In the search bar, you can use Boolean logic with the following symbols:

  • Add a plus sign (+) meaning and to help narrow down the search to a list of questions with all of the terms mentioned: pink + blue.
  • Use a pipe symbol (|) meaning or to expand the search to include any question with either term used: pink | blue.
  • An asterisk (*) acts as a wildcard, so pric* would give you results that include the words price, prices, and pricing.
  • Use quotation marks to designate two or more words as a phrase, such as “client question”. Be aware that if you use quotation marks to indicate a phrase, Questions that contain individual words in the phrase won't be returned.
  • A minus sign (-) excludes a term, so if you only wanted items that mention pink without mentioning blue, you would search for pink -blue.
  • Parentheses group things together, so if you wanted to search for items that mention pink and blue or that mention purple, you would search on (pink + blue) | purple.

Once a search is performed, the question list will automatically change to be ordered by relevance. Questions that contain the search term in the question text are more relevant than questions that contain the search term in one of the question responses. When more than one search term is used, questions containing a higher number of search terms are more relevant than those containing fewer search terms.

Question Filters

The question filters are below the text search box. These allow the user to narrow down the list of questions using features of the question (i.e., tags, the type of question, when it was launched, when it was completed, etc.). These filters can be used with text box searches for more complex queries.


Finally, here's a video about searching for questions in the InsightStoreTM.

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